Theme for 2017 TEDxBoulder: Climate & Change

  • July 15

"Easier to destroy the world than to change capitalism even one little bit."

— Kim Stanley Robinson


Every year we pick a theme for our TEDx event. It is hard to pick a theme that is general enough to fit talks about so many subjects. Here our our past themes:

2010: Truth & Beauty

2011: Time & Change

2012: Edges & Experiences 

2013: Fear & Loathing

2014: Rivers & Roads 

2015: Empathy & Malice

2016: Discovery & Wonder

The theme has always been somewhat general and less poignant. 

Not this year. 

The 2017 theme is Climate & Change

The world today is witness to a legislative changing of the guard with a home and a political tone that is full of heat. The Greenhouse Effect of a nation divided under one (un?)elected leader and a humankind facing the manifestation of a careless existence boils under the surface of all facets of living.  

Join TEDxBoulder 2017: Climate & Change speaks to explore the human state on a planet melting and rising, in protest and in revelry. It won't just be about climate change, but, in 2017, is anything not? 

"Men argue. Nature acts."

— Voltaire

Tickets on sale Monday, July 17th. 

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