Alfalfa's Local Market

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  • 2017

A true neighborhood market

Established in 1979, Alfalfa’s set out to be a different kind of grocer, one that not only honored organic and innovative food, but also embodied community. In the 1980s, Alfalfa’s Market had become so relevant that Supermarket News dubbed it “the supermarket of the future.”

Still in touch with the roots, Alfalfa’s is the hub for clean eating for the food enthusiasts and outdoor lovers in Colorado. Alfalfa’s offers the largest selection of organic produce in Colorado, a full service culinary and catering experience, a coffee bar featuring locally roasted and organic coffees, a 100% organic juice bar, a beautiful floral department, a butcher with a no-hormones or anti-abiotic ever program along with a seafood counter that supports sustainability, an unparalleled wellness section, and grocery aisles that offer all of your daily essentials, including over 3,000 products from local vendors and over 6,000 organic products.