Inglorious Monk Bakery

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  • 2015

My allergies started at birth; chocolate, eggs and more. The allergies changed, but some remained. At age 22, I could no longer tolerate lactose without a visit to the ER. When my first child turned 3 years old (and was constantly sick with respiratory ailments and eczema) was diagnosed at Childrens' Hospital of Colorado with allergies to peanut, tree nuts, milk and contact and airborne allergens, as well as eczema & asthma. I became even a better reader of labels, and always wanted not just the best quality ingredients but the yummiest...which was not very easy to find (i.e. cardboard like!) That "child" is now happily graduating college in June, and I appreciate that because of her allergies I learned so very much (about labeling and baking with non-allergic ingredients and without cross contamination!) I have personally had an anaphylactic reaction when I suddenly became allergic to peanut & sunflower seeds in my late 30s; I knew the symptoms to expect but it was terrifying to be experiencing them! My husband encouraged the family to go gluten free in 2008, to help Hashimoto's disease for him (hypothyroidism) and for us all to feel better; it worked! I eliminated organic soy (at one time the easiest non-dairy milk to buy) from our diet after fans of Inglorious Monk Bakery requested soy-free (we switched to organic coconut milk!) Prior to forming Inglorious Monk Bakery, I was a CPA for 23 years. I sold the practice in 2009 within a year of adopting our third child to be home. The only activity worthy of taking me from "retirement" was doing what I had done for over 25 years...baking the most delicious, allergen free treats imaginable..this time harkening back to my younger days near Amish Country, where the Whoopie Pie was invented. These are no ordinary whoopie pies, though, and now I bake them (with some great team members/bakers) for the World! It took hundreds (yes, really) of trials and taste tests (by willing testers!) to perfect my recipe; each ingredient is important to measure to the gram! I hand selected each and every ingredient to find the most organic items for the ingredients, colors, flavors, and more. I settle for no less than the best quality, best stewardship of land by growers, best treatment of workers, and of course, best taste, that I can find. I hope you enjoy these treats as much as my family and our fans do. That is who we bake these treats, bursting with flavor (and safety!) for...YOU!!! Whether or not you decide to try our treats, please do have a Glorious day, each & every day! Be Glorious!