2019 Spring

Are You A Hybrid Professional?

Do you have multiple professional identities? Do you struggle to describe to other people what you do? Hybrid professionals are workers who blend and combine their different professional identities together, working from the intersections of those identities. This is what makes them unique and valuable, but up until now, we haven't had a way to articulate it. Hybridity is a critical way to conceptualize the workforce, and it's time we recognize and accept this key idea.

Sarabeth Berk considers herself a hybrid professional who combines her artist/researcher/educator/designer identities to be more than her job title. Sarabeth obtained her PhD in curriculum studies and instruction, and leads innovation strategy in nonprofits, K-12, and higher education. When she isn’t transforming or disrupting the status quo, she listens to a zillion podcasts, solves word puzzles, and lets her curiosity run wild.