2018 Fall

As Opioids Continue to Kill, Looking to Marijuana as a New Painkiller

We are in pain. And we need to kill this pain. But the painkillers are killing us. And there's a safer alternative painkiller we're not talking about. Journalist Ricardo Baca spits some real talk on the often-ignored opioid epidemic and recent scientific findings that show the so-called "gateway drug" acting more like an exit drug from something far more harmful and deadly. After serving more than two decades as a staff writer, editor and critic at daily newspapers, Ricardo’s editors at The Denver Post named him the paper’s first-ever Cannabis Editor in 2013. Now Ricardo is considered to be the world’s first (and “most prestigious” according to Vice) marijuana editor; founder of award-winning news vertical The Cannabist; primary subject of Rolling Papers, a documentary released theatrically in February 2016; one of Brookings Institution’s 12 Key People to Watch in Marijuana Policy; one of Fortune magazine’s 7 Most Powerful People in America’s Marijuana Industry; one of Time magazine’s 140 best Twitter feeds; and one of Sensi magazine’s 24 Cannabis Pioneers Who Matter.