Dancing On The Walls that Divide Us

With AscenDance Project, founder and artistic director Isabel von Rittberg gives birth to a new genre of dance that fuses rock climbing, music and choreography performed on a vertical wall. Without ropes or suspension, dancers use sheer strength to overcome gravity with grace, beauty and artistic prowess. The performance is uplifting and leaves the audience inspired. AscenDance performers come from various backgrounds such as Gymnastics, Parkour, Rock Climbing and Dance. Incorporating movement from different disciplines allows them to push boundaries, create a new vocabulary of dance and innovative choreography. AscenDance Project received international recognition in 2010 when the company reached the semifinals of NBC’s America's Got Talent. Since then, the troupe has performed in venues across the globe. Isabel von Rittberg longs to connect with her audience and hopes to make them feel something. Music is her gateway and the true inspiration for her pieces. Isabel von Rittberg was born and raised in a small village in Germany, Beyenburger Freiheit. After graduating with a BA in Latin American Studies and French from the University of Santa Barbara, CA she founded the AscenDance Project, a troupe that performs choreographed climbing to music.

Joining her onstage:
Jenna Blumenfeld
Kelsey Wales
Kara Turner
Gordon Graham
Chris Hopper