2018 Fall

Do you have Impostor Syndrome ... too?

"What happens when you share the secret that has been feeding your impostor syndrome for more than 25 years? Phil McKinney, retired Chief Technology Officer for Hewlett-Packard and currently CEO at CableLabs, shares a secret that he kept hidden for 25 years and the result of that secret being revealed on the front page of a national newspaper. Through this journey, Phil comes face-to-face with the impact impostor syndrome has on the individual and their career.

Can you push back against impostor syndrome? Yes, and Phil shares the lessons learned and the steps to overcome the lies of the impostor syndrome that tells you that you are not good enough." A trailblazer in technology innovation, Phil McKinney is passionate about tapping into creativity to drive successful innovation in his personal and professional life. He is an avid blogger, author, speaker and host of the award-winning nationally syndicated radio show and podcast in its 14th season, Killer Innovations. Across his platforms, McKinney invites leading innovators to share their personal stories of innovation and creative success. In his book, “Beyond the Obvious,” he advises on the skills and planning needed to make both revolutionary changes and nuanced tweaks required for success. McKinney serves as the president and CEO of CableLabs, on the advisory board for Hacking Autism, chairs the board for Pioneer Education Africa and oversees the Techtrend Group, which invests in entrepreneurs in developing countries to create jobs that fuel economic growth.