2018 Fall

Feed More, Waste Less

What is 'Food Insecurity'? Why do people end up experiencing 'Food Insecurity'? What can we do about it? How pantries across the united states are working to feed those in need. We can waste less and feed more all at once. Riley Bright is the Executive Director of Harvest of Hope Pantry, in Boulder, CO. As a Public Health professional, Riley has spent her professional life studying and working at the intersection of health and the built environment.

Riley received her Masters in Public Health from Boston University, where she studied Health Policy, Health Behavior Change Theories, and Nutrition. While Health Policy has some of the most broad sweeping impact for individuals, it was glaringly obvious to Riley that so much of what impacts people’s health over-time has to do with the environments in which we exist. As a CO native, Riley felt compelled to return home and get involved with the Health Equity and Food Justice work happening in her community.