Finding Heartland: Hope for Healing America's Broken Heart

In the increasingly divided world of American Culture and Politics, researcher and creative strategist Gia Medeiros argues that if our disease is division, then belonging is the cure. Yet what if most of what we, as Americans, believe about belonging is wrong? With insights based on more than two decades of work criss-crossing the country and the political spectrum, Gia invites us to reconsider what it means to belong and find our tensegity, the opposing forces that keep us strong, upright and resilient. Gia Medeiros, Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of 520 Collective, is a cultural strategist specializing in brand strategy, innovation and organizational transformation. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family and has worked across the country and around the world with a diverse range of clients including Major League Baseball, Kaiser Permanente, Coca Cola, Redfin, and Oprah Winfrey (OWN). Her work with Hillary Clinton in 2005 was her first and so far only foray into politics (that obviously ended badly), but she has eternal hope for our collective future which she will share in her talk.