2018 Fall

Majestic Neurophysiology

An early Parkinson’s disease diagnosis becomes a foil for larger inquiry into the pervasiveness of maladaptive neurological conditions in the epoch of disruption. Explore the majesty of your neurological operating system and consider ways to make choices and incorporate devotional practices in alignment with increased access to your birthright. www.divineneurophysiology.com Jane Weintraub is curious. Her queries extend across myriad disciplines and are highly contagious. She, “sees patterns everywhere”, and enjoys pulling contrary hypothesis from those deep waters for further investigation and play. A best day for Jane includes sharing ideas and concepts with other people, experimenting, hiking in the mountains, prayer, contemplation, music and movement.

Her professional background includes executive management, teaching entrepreneurship, facilitating leadership development workshops, and coaching leaders. She holds a MS in Organizational Change Management.

She is actively seeking partners to support her in spreading ideas that help human beings experience more vitality, clarity and well-being.