2018 Fall

Scream to Meditate

What if meditation is not what you think? What if it's active? Inner and outer movement in your heart and guts and yes your mind but also your arms and legs and chest and throat and even your mouth. What if it was loud? Experience a new form of meditation in this interactive and moving talk from Ben Lovejoy, a 20+ year seeker, meditator and creative person. Ben is a seasoned creative with decades of experience helping clients craft and articulate brands. A veteran of many agencies including his own, and long-term hanger-out of his own shingle, he spends most of his time helping brands, and people come alive. For the last twenty years Ben has been on a spiritual journey, defining and redefining his relationship with God, prayer, meditation and music as a regular meditator, seeker, and DJ of meditations all over the U.S.

Ben coaches speakers to help them get to the heart of their message, and craft talks and presentations that inform, persuade and move people. He also speaks to and coaches groups and individuals to tap into their inherent creativity. His latest endeavors include Peaks of Harmony, a creative collaboration, and birthing Father, a podcast with interviews of creative and entrepreneurial leaders who are dads, exploring how the journey of fatherhood effected their purpose and the way they operate in the professional world.