2019 Fall

Why You Should Try Therapy Yesterday

The stigma associated with going to therapy is slowly dropping, but who is it really useful for? This talk is for anyone who has considered trying therapy (and even more for people who haven’t). Listen to Dr. Emily Anhalt share her personal experience of therapy both as a patient and as a therapist, as well as compelling reasons why you should give it a try.

Dr. Emily Anhalt is a Clinical Psychologist and the CoFounder and Chief Clinical Officer of Coa (joincoa.com), a mental fitness community with studios opening across the country. Dr. Anhalt has spent the past decade working clinically with top tech leaders and organizations and has spoken around the world to destigmatize quality emotional fitness and mental healthcare." Dr. Emily Anhalt is a psychologist, emotional fitness consultant, and the CoFounder and Chief Clinical Officer of Beam, a gym for the mind that is destigmatizing and demystifying quality emotional and mental fitness. She studied psychology at the University of Michigan and attained Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology in Berkeley, California.

For the past ten years, Dr. Anhalt has been working clinically with executives, founders, and over-achievers, and has conducted hundreds of interviews with prominent psychologists and entrepreneurs about how leaders can improve their emotional fitness. Dr. Anhalt has spoken around the world about the importance of empathy and self-awareness, and she has collaborated with some of the fastest-growing technology companies and VC firms in the world including Google, Asana, TEDx, Github, NASDAQ, Unilever, Bloomberg, and True Ventures.