Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea Rustrum explores shared ownership and value distribution through the lens of the sharing economy and blockchain technology. She’s the author of It’s a Shareable Life, the founder of Blockchain for Good, a social and educational series, and the co-founder of Blox 7, a new economy storytelling agency.

Chelsea grew up a teenage entrepreneur building businesses online from middle school onward. Later she understood how sharing time, space, and resources could transform human relationships and exchange. Today, she works toward creating systems, structures, and financial models that reinforce our interdependence. To that end, she’s working on a collaborative Blockchain Code of Ethics to program the future with collectively aligned values.

She has also advised dozens of marketplaces and has spoken to corporate audiences such as PwC and J&J, helping organizations understand the changing, often disruption nature of innovation in business. She’s also contributed to articles in Inc. Magazine, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Wired, Forbes, and The Economist.