The organizing team is super excited for Saturday. We still have tickets for sale!

If you’ve been to the event you know the idea of how the event flows. If you have not been… well, here you go: 

Parking and public transit options can be found here

Doors are at 3pm. Seating is done in a tiered GA format. First come, first served for each section. 

The show starts promptly at 4pm. We have two 90 minute sessions

Around 5:45pm we serve a light picnic dinner. It’s a great time to network and say hi to old friends. We have vegan, GF, and veggie options: Basil Potato Salad (GF, V) and Quinoa and Golden Beet Salad (GF, V). 

We start the 2nd set at 6:30. 

We end that session at 8pm. 

We will have a sponsored afterparty to share a meal and drink with the organizers and speakers.

Oh, and the SPEAKERS! 

What an amazing lineup we have this year. You can see the full list here

Here are some questions I’ve had while listening to them practice: 

Suzi Q. Smith
 – How and where does one find belonging?
Samira Rajabi
 – Why is “you’re a fighter” the wrong thing to say to someone in trauma?
Elizabeth Hartman
 – Can climate change still be tackled?
Danny Mazur
 – How can we navigate potentially contentious conversations?
EvaClaire Synkowski
 – Where is the truth about fad diets?
Caroline McCarthy
 – What is the role of tech policy in politics?
Peter McEwen
 – Did the self help movement hijack meditation?
Wisdom Amouzou
 – Can our individual loving relationships build a connected and trusting community?
Dr. Emily Anhalt
 – Why should I go to a therapist if I’m feeling fine?
Katrina Gulliver
 – Is over-tourism just a current trend?
Claire Chase, Ph.D.
 – How can we engage in a new way with differences of opinion?
David Grinspoon
 – What can observing space teach us about humanity now?
Roselinde Kaiser, Ph.D.
 – When does depression take hold?
 – Our musical act playing an acoustic set of their hits. 

Our venue is amazing!