Christin Myrick

Christin Myrick comes from a long line of disasters, adventures and ass-whoopin’s. Mucking through a childhood of disturbing alcoholism, violence, and sexual abuse, she persevered through the many stages of healing. She went on a journey that took her around the world, and back. It took her down to the deepest part of who we are, and back again. Along the way she uncovered the secrets of pain, purpose and passion. She came out the other side in wholeness and discovered the exquisite potential of our relationships. Now, she is a Men’s Consultant and writer, bequeathing the information garnered along her path in spectacular workshops for men so they may create meaningful relationships that last. Christin doesn’t have any snazzy credentials, except for her life, connections and the inspiring experiences that shaped her. She thinks it is important that you know she is an adamant believer in the power of compassion as well as in all the delight that is pink frosting. You can find out more at