Claire Chase, Ph.D.

Dr. Claire Chase is a resilience thinking evangelist and researcher of human interaction. A strategist since birth, Claire is drawn to puzzles and patterns in the world around her.

In her day job, Claire is the Founder of Resilience By Design Consulting, where she helps groups to embrace all of their data (even the not-so-good or fake news) in order to turn insights into effective strategies.

After starting her career in brand strategy and market research, Claire bridged her experiences working with companies across healthcare, financial services and consumer goods, to enhance stakeholder engagement and community outreach programs in higher education. Her years of helping clients and conducting research led Claire to develop the resilience thinking approach for groups, a way of learning from information that reveals opportunities for innovation.

Claire’s latest passion project is the Resilience Collective, a group of thought leaders that aim to build knowledge and expand their social impact while combatting the loneliness of entrepreneurship.

Claire received her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her family.