Dan Van der Vieren

Dan Van der Vieren seeks to enrich traditional math education and curricula through innovative strategies that challenge the status quo. In his first four years of secondary teaching, he has experienced public, charter, rural, urban and alternative school settings. Dan’s passion for problem solving has led him to experiment with a variety of instructional techniques, including implementing the Rubik’s Cube into his math classroom. The well-known puzzle served as the topic of both his undergraduate thesis through Regis University and master’s capstone project through the University of Colorado Denver. Dan is a Noyce Scholar, a YCDTRC Ambassador and an academic entrepreneur. He is the author of two TED-Ed animated videos and has written three articles in UKEd Magazine about classroom management, STE(A)M education and student engagement using the Rubik’s Cube. Dan holds that taking healthy risks is one of the best ways to learn, and through this belief he has opened doors to amazing opportunities.