Lane Moore

Lane Moore is an award-winning stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and musician living in New York City. Her monthly comedy show Tinder LIVE! was named on The New York Times’ Critic’s Picks, and CBS called it one of the five best comedy shows in NYCBUST Magazine named her band It Was Romance the Best Band of 2015 and Billboard named it one of “16 female-fronted brands you should know”. In 2017, she created the popular blog Hotties of MTV’s “Next,” which was quickly praised by The AV Club, Distractify, and Cosmopolitan who called Moore a “genius” and the page “perfect.” Moore was also featured on an episode of Comedy Central’s @midnight with her segment, which Chris Hardwick called “amazing.”

She was praised by The New York Times for her appearance on season five of HBO’s Girls, and Vogue called her a “jack of all trades.” She is also a recurring panelist on the brand new Rooster Teeth TV show What Do You Know?. In 2017, she had an appearance on @midnight with a segment based on her popular Instagram account, Hotties of MTV’s Next, and an appearance on MTV’s TRL.

She is a prolific writer for The OnionThe New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs, McSweeney’s, GQGlamour, Someecards, Playboy, and MTV. She is also a former sex and relationships editor at, as well as a regular commentator on VH1 and MTV talking head shows. She is the producer and host of the podcast Are You Afraid Of The Snark? and the creator, producer, writer, director, and star of the hit comedy web series Gold Stars. Lane also co-created a comic book based on her experiences in Los Angeles called Smarty Pants Lydia, which can be found online at Comixology.

Check out Lane’s How to be Alone Spotify playlist HERE, featuring songs from her book, songs that inspired the book, as well as her songs where she talks about backstories, chapter openers, and more!