Samira Rajabi

Samira Rajabi is a teacher, scholar, and writer, fascinated by health communication, global identity making, and our ever expanding digitally mediated world.

Samira is a passionate educator and is currently an Instructor and Director of Technology Influenced Pedagogy at the University of Colorado’s College of Media, Communication, and Information. Before that she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania where she taught classes about memes and meaning (and was the highest rated instructor during the terms taught!) and worked on her book-in-progress, All My friends Live in my Computer: Tactical Media, Trauma, and Meaning Making. The proud daughter of immigrants from Iran, Samira explores ideas of suffering and belonging in immigrant communities as well as suffering and belonging in communities facing trauma. Samira has a doctoral degree in Media Studies.

Samira considers her scholarship a public good and writes for Cure Magazine and has been a contributor in Bustle. She has made academic contributions to CARGC Press through the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication at UPenn, the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, the World Association of Christian Communication, in edited volumes titled Social Media in Iran: Politics and Society after 2009, Digital Religion, and the forthcoming edited volume on disability and new media titled Other Bodies. She also writes on Medium, has a creative writing blog at, and has long chronicled her health journeys at Samira is a firm believer that if we can understand and mobilize digital media for good we can harness our power to make meaning – to support, love, and show up for one another.