Tim Shisler

Tim Shisler has been fascinated with media in all forms since he could read a book, watch TV and talk his best friend into “borrowing” his parents video camera (then a 10 lb. monstrosity). After attending Sonoma State University and spending five summers as a commercial river guide, Tim dipped into the volatile world of high-tech PR, before realizing his passion was on the other side of the equation. In typical quarter-life-fashion, Tim packed up his car and drove around the country, living in Wal-Mart parking lots, strangers houses and the occasional KOA. Tim landed an internship at Backpacker Magazine and quickly made a mark by helping launch their new website, and by applying Google Earth technology to videos and print articles. Tim’s passion for technology and storytelling, have led him on a mission to change the way journalism is created, and bridge the gap between digital content and print content. Tim’s stories and videos have been published by Backpacker Magazine, Bicycling Magazine,The Wall Street Journal, Mountain Bike Magazine and The Adventure Sports Journal.